There is no better person to show you something than someone who has done said thing hundreds of thousands of times. Mr. Roger Gracie is one of those people when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu. We’re looking at an armlock variation from closed guard and common reactions to the move. For the newcomers, the closed guard is an essential position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and probably something you’d go over on your first day. It gives you many an opportunity to control, submit and sweep your opponent.

The armbar itself is a submission hold with which you control your opponent’s shoulder with your hips and break the arm using your core. Typically, we’d use the leg that’s under the armpit to climb up and stomp onto our partner’s shoulders, but Mr. Gracie gives a high-guard variation that will kill many of their defensive reactions. This is a GI move that can perhaps be modified  to work no-GI with an armdrag-cross grip.

Instruction Breakdown

Whenever you get the closed guard the first thing you ought to focus on are grips. Either that or you’ll be working to break posture by pulling their head down or trapping a head and an arm. In this case, Mr. Gracie tells us to work the arm first with a cross-grip on the sleeve and then get the cross-collar grip. The reason for doing this is killing your opponent’s ability to swim over your collar-grip and breaking it with their forearm. Once you’ve got both grips climb high onto your opponent’s shoulders and bring the collar-grip elbow down to your hip over the crook of your opponent’s arm that you’re trying to break. Now for the big bucks tip, instead of having to rotate using the non-crossface leg you just bridge which will push your opponent away from you. That gives you room to move your leg over your face. Kudos to Mr. Gracie. Cheers.