I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Craig Jones but he’s one of the best no-gi grapplers in the world right now. Heck, the video we’re looking at is a breakdown of a technique he used to beat Leandro Lo, winner of this year’s mundials. Recently he won the Polaris 8 belt by beating Keenan Cornelius, a highly skilled guard player in his own right.  As is the case with many modern grapplers of today the foundation of his game are leg attacks. Still, just a great leg-lock game would never have been enough for him to beat the people he’d beat. Only a well-rounded grappler could get to that point of success where he’d gotten to.

We’re looking at a back-take off top-turtle. The great thing about this backtake is that you need next to no grips.Typically you’d attack the seatbelt and on more experienced guys this would lead to an intense grip-fighting sequence. They’d possibly go two on or granby roll as was the case with Mr. Lo. The granby roll will frustrate you. Trust us. Counter it with this.

The move makes sense really, and it’s quite similar to the seatbelt roll but because they’re turning into you it’s not as instinctive and you’re not controlling their neck to roll them the other way. Now for the move itself, cup the lat or hip on the far side and cup the far shoulder going under the chin for a nice little crossface. When they turn their towards you to roll away match their rolling shoulder with your crossface shoulder. For example, if you’ve got your right arm under their chin roll over your right shoulder. Remember, your shoulder has to make contact with the mat at the same time that their shoulder does. Otherwise, you’re going to get knocked off your partner by their hip. Good luck.