De La Riva Sweeps

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The De la Riva hook got a lot of attention in BJJ communities during the competition career of Ricardo De la Riva. He swept everyone with it. Do you still wonder why it’s called the De la Riva guard? Since then, it has evolved into a hydra-like beast with a new head sprouting each time you’ve dealt with one.

  • The first sweep in this chain drill is just a simple sickle sweep. The beauty of this hook is in its connection with other techniques. Pull the De la Riva hook out. Place on hip. Hook the far leg with your other leg. Push on hip. Pull heel and posture grip(collar/sleeve) in. The other leg is hooked. You’ve got the sweep. Use a technical standup to get on top. Use the heel grip to post on your elbow for the stand up.
  • The second sweep is a single leg variation. Opponent is moving backwards. Use posture grip momentum to pull yourself up into sit-up guard. Non-De la Riva hook extends the far leg. Optimally hand the posture grip to your heel hand. Switch legs into S-mount position with your toes pointing towards the De la Riva side. The free non-heel hand posts out. Use the inside hook to sweep with a variation of the kouchi gake.
  • The third sweep is done via transition to shin-to-shin, single X. Do the same thing as in sweep number two. Use momentum to pull yourself into sit-up guard. Hand posture control under opponent’s knee. Transition De la Riva hook to shin-to shin. Grab mirror sleeve. Elevate the shin the way you would in a butterfly sweep. Watch partner go over. If he steps out into your armpit, transition to single X.