Freestyle Wrestling for BJJ – Lyubo Kumbarov

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Most people that have a pretty good grasp on freestyle wrestling prefer to use it for takedowns rather than Judo. One reason is, freestyle wrestling permits leg attacks. Most freestyle wrestlers are very good at finishing takedowns. A lot of Jiu-jitsu athletes lack this ability. They will either dive head first for a takedown attempt or get to a single leg and not be able to finish it.  These are all opportunities to score points and create other good positions. Try to avoid ‘’dive bombing’’ or to lead with your head. From a technical standpoint that is when your body is at its weakest and you are going to set yourself up to potentially end up in a bad position or submission.

The transition from a single to a double leg takedown is a wrestling specialty. Also, there are angles that good wrestlers use in their takedowns. This makes their job slightly easier. In the defense department, having cat-like reflexes and strong hips helps. Wrestlers use the sprawl, which emphasizes the hips, very well to defend from takedowns. Another defensive strategy is to create a  scramble. Good scramblers are able to take advantage of 50/50 positions. Wrestlers are good at scrambles and know how to come out of them in a more dominant position.

A takedown tutorial from single to double by coach Lyubo Kumbarov, one of the coaches at Roger Gracie HQ in London: