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Kill Your Opponents Pass with the Cross Grip

Are you a De La Riva player? Knee cut giving you trouble, backstep, toreando? Well, this one’s for you. The only thing you’ll need to pull this off is a cross grip, meaning your left hand will control your opponent’s left sleeve or wrist. Still, just keeping hold of a wrist or sleeve down won’t do much. You’ll need to combine it with some basics: the hip escape and butt scoot.

The secret to what Cobrinha is teaching is in closing off the weak angle and hip escaping or butt scooting, elbow or hand post, to your strong side. Your strong side, for example, if the opponent passes to your right, pinning your right knee down, will best be taken advantage of by posting on your right hand or elbow, your left hand stiff arming his left hand. Push into your opponent with the cross grip and hip escape or butt scoot away from your posting hand, in effect, turning your hips to the right if your left hand is cross gripping.

Careful though, if cross gripping with your left hand, keep your left knee up so as to close off the path to your back because a savvy opponent will look to use his free hand, right in this case, to grip your shoulder and grab hold of your back. Good luck!

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