How To Arm-triangle from Mount – BJJ Explanation Video

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The Arm-triangle from Mount

A common attack from mount is the arm-triangle which can be found in any grappling match but also in high-level MMA fights since you can use ground and pound to get the opportunity to submit! The arm-triangle is a choke that is pretty safe to set up from the mount position.

The move itself explained in the video starts with an ordinary cross face set up from mount with one shoulder pushing the face downwards while the other arm has the underhook. The arm with the underhook tries to walk up until the partner’s arm is next to his own ear. You can achieve this position by walking your hands on the mat.

How to get the tap by arm-triangle

As soon as you have the partner´s arm next to his ear you put your head down next to his arm and connect your own hands. Pay attention your choking arm is palm down and the elbow stays on the ground all the time. Once you have that position you leave the mount via tripod to the side and angle until you get the tap. Make sure you keep the pressure on your partner´s throat all the time.

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