How to Berimbolo to LegDrag/Twisterhook w/ Paulo Miyao

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Berimbolo by an expert – Paulo Miyao

Most of you probably know Paulo Miyao and his brother Joao Miyao, the outstanding brothers that are known for their berimbolo game. The berimbolo is a technique, position, and game which needs a lot of practice and has many variations. If you are an expert like Paulo Miyao, the berimbolo is almost unstoppable.  The berimbolo is a technique where you invert under your partner and spin to get to the back or the leg drag position. Of course, there are a lot of variations that end into straight submissions, but let´s stick with the basic ones.

The Video: with Paulo Miyao and his Berimbolo

Paulo Miyao explains in Brazilian with English subtitles how the move works out. The video shows a berimbolo to leg drag where you can also take the back afterward and a berimbolo to twister hook to back take. Pay attention to the details!

The moves: Berimbolo to Twister hook and Berimbolo to Leg Drag by Paulo Miyao

The first move you start off the double guard pull and position your self like you are in Outside De La Riva position. You start pushing the leg where you don´t have the De La Riva hook to create space. Then you grab the belt and invert under your partner to normal berimbolo position. Now you put your shin behind his knee and grab the other leg with the hand that was holding the De La Riva Hook.  Afterward, you change your other hook to behind the knee as well. Liftoff the hip of your partner and create space with your right leg by pushing forward the partner’s leg, so you can twister hook with your left leg. Just straighten your leg and put the other hook – you got the back!

The Second move is pretty similar, but you end up in the leg drag position. Everything is pretty much the same until you get both shins behind his knee. Now you get kind of a crab ride hook with your right leg and duck under his other leg to end up in the leg drag position. From there you can easily take the back.

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