How to Body Lock Pass /w Lachlan Giles

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Body Lock Pass by ADCC Open Class Silver Medalist Lachlan Giles

Everyone knows about Lachlan Giles since his outstanding ADCC 2019 performance getting the silver medal at the Openclass fighting with only 77 Kilos. For sure he´s known for his Heelhooks, but the nerds know his body lock passing is insane as well.

The Video with Lachlan Giles teaching the Body Lock pass

The pass which you can see in this video is one of the most powerful passing positions in grappling. After locking up you are able to pin and trap their hips, letting you work step by step your way through their guard while limiting their options to reguard.

The Move itself taught by Lachlan Giles

The partner is sit´s up to a seated butterfly/open guard. Lachlan is grip fighting and then diving very low to grab the lower back and connect his hand immediately with elbows tight to his own body. His head is tight to the side you want to pass too, as well his hands have connected that side as well. You really need to be tight so the partner can´t get his foot out. Now he straights the opposite side of the passing sides leg (on the video the right one) and sprawls out his hips. His left leg is on his feet and walks up until he beets the partner knee line. Now you change the positioning and walk further up his body until the partner´s flat you turn your body to the side with the body lock wile your shoulder keeps him down. Partner will half guard and you can use your free leg to pummel your leg free.

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