Jeff Lawson’s Ippon to Arm bar at Polaris 4!

Last updated on 05.05.2020 by

What a submission victory by Jeff Lawson at Polaris 4! Lawson surprises his opponent with an ippon seoi nage and transitions to an armbar to finish the match. There are many lessons to be learned from this video.

Lawson makes excellent use of his gripping technique by successfully outgripping his opponent. In the process he prevents the other competitor from applying their gripps.

Lawson does a great job of staying with his opponent until they both hit the ground. His original grips on the collar and sleeve remain latched on his opponent’s gi.  

Once on the ground the decision to get back up to his feet allows him to remain mobile and prevents his opponent from recovering and attacking from the bottom position.

The impact of the throw can also stunt people who do not get thrown on a constant basis during training for example. That is another key factor since it serves as an element of surprise.  

More competitors are beginning to utilize different disciplines such as Judo in BJJ competitions.