Jiu-jitsu over 40

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Great video by the Gracie brothers describing the 5 rules you need to adopt during your Jiu-jitsu journey. These rules are:

  1. Know your Boyd belts
  2. Pass the guard
  3. Acknowledge the ego
  4. Respect the rollercoaster
  5. Follow the leader

Adopting these 5 rules regardless of where you are in your BJJ journey will allow you to break through plateaus. It is always good to begin Jiu-jitsu with this mindset, but there comes a time that the natural evolution of the art will change you.

Whether you are a competitive Jiu-jitsu athlete, teacher, or a just a Jiu-jitsu enthusiast this video is a must watch. Learning the art aspect of Jiu-jitsu is the base for all the other skills you will learn during your journey. Controlling that ego is a major turning point.

The brothers make a great point about progression. In order to have progression, you must follow these five rules. Helio Gracie tested the rules a long time ago and he was a living example of the benefits that came from them.

Remember to study the art of Jiu-jitsu not just ”do” BJJ. For some people, the biggest challenge is training on a daily basis. Adopting the rules will also help increase your game and make training more enjoyable.

Ryron and Rener also highlight the importance of following the leader which is rule number five. Leaders lead by example and that is why Helio Gracie was such a great leader. The following of the Gracie system is a great proof of that.

Another great point that the video makes is that the five rules are applicable to life. Everything you learn on the mats you can take with you and incorporate it into your family, career, social events, and school.

There are five rules so you can pick one for each day of the week and practice it during BJJ class. Watch the video so you get a better idea of how to apply the rules during class.