Perhaps you’ve been wondering about this word, mundials. It’s just a latinate variation of World’s. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World championship is often referred to as the mundials. They’re hosted each year by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and have been so since 1996. For a long period of time they’d only been hosted in Brazil. That changed in 2007 with the first ever BJJ World Championship to be hosted outside of Brazil in California. Unlike the local tournaments you’ve probably been to yourself the mundials host a crowd of many thousands of people, up to as many as ten thousand.

The highlights we’re looking at are from the 2018 World Championships. This is the most prestigious GI event in the world. All of the best jiu Jitsu players in the world show up. Names like Buchecha, Malfacine, Felipe Pena, Lo and many others usually dominate the black belt brackets. I might have missed out on some, but you get the idea.

The 2018 mundials were quite the event with the absolute category as per usual receiving the most attention. Mr. Leandro Lo won the absolute category after having suffered a dislocated shoulder and in a gesture of great sportsmanship Marcus Almeida passed it on to him. Lo’s previous match was against Mahamed Aly, a competitor in the -94 category. He won the match but the injury left him unable to continue. Bruno Malfacine, oftentimes referred to as the king of the rooster-weights, dominated his category winning the gold medal. Lucas Lepri won the probably most stacked category there is, the -76. This was his fifth world title. In a conclusion, the World Championship see the best of the best compete against each other. Don’t miss it. We’re expecting 2019 to be just as exciting as 2018 had been. Godspeed.