Judo For BJJ: Bringing the Kouchi makikomi to Jiu Jitsu

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Kouchi Makikomi is the best Judo throw for BJJ that you’ve never heard of. I’ve been training Judo for 35 years and BJJ for 15 and I believe this throw is great for BJJ and yet it isn’t commonly taught. Today we’re going to fix that – I’ll walk you through the throw and explain how this Judo throw will improve your wrestling takedowns!

The Kouchi Makikomi in Judo and Jiu Jitsu

The Kouchi Makikomi, sometimes called the Kouchi Gake or Minor Inner Hook, has been used by many athletes in Judo and Jiu Jitsu since it is really easy to use and really easy to trick your partner.

According to the Kodokan (the main Judo headquarters based in Tokyo), the basic technique looks like this: 

However, just like any technique, it is rare to see it used without a setup. Most of the time, this technique comes from a fake ippon or morote seoi nage. Here is the technique being used in Judo competition:

In BJJ we’ve seen the technique used successfully by high level athletes like  Fernando Terere and many others. In 2004 Terrere used the Kouchi Makikomi to take down the legendary Roger Gracie during the IBJJF Worlds:

How to use the kouchi makikomi in BJJ

One of my favorite setups for this Judo throw is as a  transition from a double leg takedown to kouchi Makikomi. This option is great because it is going to work the same in no-gi and gi. 

This combines the best of both worlds, offering the distance closing from the wrestling shot and the extra control of the Judo throw.

The Setup.

To start this technique, you have to commit yourself to a low double leg takedown.

For the double leg, the first thing that you do is lower your base by squatting, then shoot for the double leg and establish yourself in a good position. You need to have a very good base and a very good posture to avoid losing your balance. Keep in mind that you need to keep driving forward.

The Grips

The second step for this takedown is to establish your grips, either both arms behind the legs or one arm on one leg and the other arm on your partner’s waist. 

The key detail for this takedown is as soon as you have the grips, you need to close your elbows as tight as you can. By doing this, you’re going to  prevent your partner from turning their body and escaping from the takedown.

The Throw

Now we have everything ready for the throw, either if you keep going with the double leg or  you hook with your leg the inside leg of your partner.

Now it’s just a matter of pushing with your body and using momentum to take your opponent to the mat.

The most important thing that you need to remind yourself it’s to keep your body straight and avoid your partner sweeping you to one side or maybe taking your back as you fall to the mat.

Now as soon as you land on the mat, as quickly as you can, you need to establish your base on both of your knees and keep controlling your partner’s legs under their butt.

The Follow Through

If you execute these steps well, you’re going to find yourself in a really low half guard, and it is going to be really easy to pass to side control or mount!


The kouchi makikomi is a versatile takedown to use in BJJ. The technique works great as an addition to the double leg, or even from standing arm drags. Or, if you feel strong on your feet, you can fake an ippon or morote seoi nage like is commonly seen in Judo tournaments.

With this take down, you end up in a really good spot, just a few steps from passing half guard and establishing yourself in side control. Once you pass, you’ll find yourself up 5 points and in a dominant position, ready to control the match!