Combat sports are what they are. Underneath the sportsmanship façade there lies the brutal principle of kill or be killed. Truth is, there’s never really any certainty about the outcome until it goes down in the books and as many would tell you it’s all up to the fighters. Such is the truth of all fights. It comes down to a matching of wills, skill, determination, confidence, intimidation and many other factors. It could be that the fighter is just having an off night. Maybe he’d been dumped the night before. This could feed into his emotion making him better, more focused. Others are swayed by such things.

The Gracie family dominated many a match with their inerrable skill on the ground. However, there’s always someone out there that’s just as hungry as you are.


We’re looking at a video on Mr. Kazushi Sakuraba. Sakuraba, a catch wrestler, was made famous by his wins over several members of the Gracie family. You’d think that this discredits Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It does not. Instead, it gives kudos to all fighters. It takes an extraordinary amount of bravery to put yourself out there. Like we said in the first paragraph, there’s never really any certainty about anything. Even the matches that the Gracies had won, they’d have to have been aware that they could have lost but they still went in there and gave their best. That’s why they’re at where they are now. Perhaps if there’d been no size difference, Royler could have won, or if Royce had decided against wearing a GI the outcome might have been different. Whatever the case, it’s all in the books now. Mr. Sakuraba, the Gracie Hunter, had come out on top. If it hadn’t have been for his own skill on the ground which is just as much Jiu-Jitsu as what the Gracie family practice, I’ve no doubt that he’d have lost. Cheers and kudos to all fighters;