Leandro Lo vs Ricardo Evangelista / Heavy Weight GP 2017 and Lo’s Jiu-jitsu

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Leandro Lo recently won two gold medals at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships. He has been on fire competing and taking names in different weight classes. But, why is Lo’s Jiu-jitsu so effective? For one, he is a well-rounded athlete. Good wrestling, great in the scramble, aggressive pass, great conditioning, and always keeps his opponents guessing.

  1. Great wrestling base
  2. Aggressive style
  3. Well rounded adapts to his opponents, and is unpredictable
  4. Great in the scramble

In his recent Pans Jiu-Jitsu 2018 final with Cornelius at one point in the match he showed how well rounded his game is. Lo used the technical get up, then transitioned into a single leg takedown. The man wastes no time.

The top game fits him very well due to his aggressiveness, scrambling ability, and conditioning. Passing and finishing takedowns both require aggressiveness. Scrambling is essential when it comes to getting up from the ground. And ‘’fatigue makes cowards of us all.’’ So without the proper conditioning, the effectiveness of the other qualities significantly drops.

It is really difficult to make adjustments with an unpredictable opponent. Lo always keeps his opponents guessing. They don’t know if he will pull guard and sweep them from the bottom or just go directly for the takedown since he is equally skilled at both. If you have ever watched Lo pull guard he does so quick and aggressive. Whenever his opponents attempt to pull guard, he is already passing it. He does put himself in an advantageous position to pass as soon as they pull guard, but sometimes they are simply being lazy with the technique.

Below is a video of Lo’s match versus Ricardo Evangelista at the IBJJF Heavyweight GP from 2017. Keep in mind that Evangelista outweighs Lo in this bout. Please watch the video and post your comments below on our facebook page.