Marcelo Garcia vs Gregor Gracie

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Marcelo ‘’Marcelinho’’ Garcia and Gregor Gracie throwdown at Grappler’s Quest Beast Of The East. This one is a classic. Garcia is one of the best to ever do it.

During the match Garcia is relentless and he is pushing the pace. There is no stalling. Gracie is constantly thinking or defending from Marcelinho’s attacks. Even when they are on their feet Garcia does not waste any time.

His wrestling and Judo bases allow him to transition from one takedown to another. In the ground fighting department, he controls Gracie’s hips and stays patient before attempting mount. His hips always remain low not allowing any space to his opponent.

In side control Garcia turns his focus on controlling Gracie’s hips. He also always keeps his ‘’toes live’’ so he can be mobile. Always on the offense.

Marcelo Garcia’s style is very dynamic and always staying on the offense. That does not allow his opponents to reset or think too much. The key is his fast transitions from side control, to back take, north-south etc.Truly a master mover and jiu-jitsu player. The fight ends with a submission. A simple one, but very effective.

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