We’re looking at Bruno Malfacine and Javier Gomez in this week’s match pick. Unlike most of the matches we’ve covered so far, there’s no stalling in this one. Bruno Malfacine came out as a division favorite and got the win via submission.

Sweep and Mount

Even from the beginning, there’s little to no feeling out. Shoot. Pull guard. Mr. Malfacine pulls open guard into a deep De La Riva hook. Even with Mr. Gomez basing out to the back, Bruno pulls forward catches the balloon sweep. The balloon sweep is a variation of Judo’s Tomoe Nage, sometimes called the overhead sweep. To pull this off you need to be confident in your backwards-roll so you don’t injure your neck. Beginners beware.

Spinning Armbar

With a 6 point lead for the sweep and mount, Mr. Malfacine shoots the underhook while still in mount and goes for a far-side spinning armbar. Gomez defends by turning into it. The spinning armbar is an effective submission that can surprise your opponent, but at the same time because of the explosive motion opponent’s may twitch out of it by reflex.

Recovery and Pass

Mr. Gomez recovers guard into Single-X. The single-X guard is a nightmare of a guard with a lot of sweeping and foot lock options. However, Malfacine leg drags and knee cuts to get the pass. He gets another three points, now up to 9 points. Gomez recovers again into butterfly, to be passed yet again. This time, Bruno stabilizes the position.

Stability and Triangle Setup

Mr. Malfacine uses a variation of the side-mount that many lighter BJJ practitioner employ. He uses his shin to block the thighs, kind of like a variation of the knee on belly. He stiff arms the far-arm and shoots a triangle. He gets the finish with a staggering 14 point lead.