Russell Brand Beaten Up By The Gracie Brothers

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Great demonstration by the Gracie brothers and Mr. ‘’West Ham socks’’ Russell Brand. The video will teach you the four stages of defending against an attacker. All four stages are ground-based. In the video, Brand uses all of his limbs to control Ryron and prevent him from being able to punch. You will also see how to effectively use your legs to create space which will open more opportunities. Here are the four stages.

Stage 1-  Wrap up attacker in full guard.

Stage 2- Attacker is in the guard but postures up to throw punches.

Stage 3- Attacker is out of the full guard, but still on the ground and trying to punch you.

Stage 4- Attacker is on their feet and is looking to deliver damaging blows.

In a street fight, you want to avoid going to the ground, but it does happen. Understanding how to defend yourself from the bottom position can save your life. If you notice the person defending, Brand, from the punches never tries to strike the attacker. His goal is to take control of the assailant and finish the fight with a submission. The best outcome in an altercation is when nobody gets hurt.

Russell Brand has been practicing Jiu-jitsu for some time now. He is very passionate about the art. On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan podcast Brand talked about his Jiu-jitsu journey:

“There are ways where we are collective but there are ways where we are individuals. So I got to educate myself. I’m gonna have to do things that mean something to me. Part of that is me doing my own small fragile brittle way  brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’ve never done stuff like that before. Live in your body, be in there and go ”  

You can watch the full episode on the Joe Rogan Experience episode # 1021.