Sakuraba’s Quintet Grappling Invitational promises a lot of excitement. The tournament will have four teams with five men in each team.

The teams taking part will be made up of international competitors with backgrounds in various grappling arts and MMA. You are going to see grappling, judo, sambo, jiu-jitsu, and MMA athletes go toe to toe. Rules and the different styles of disciplines will make the Quintet exciting to watch.

The matches will last 10 minutes unless one of the competitors outweighs the other by 15 kg. (33 lbs.). Then the time limit will change to 5 minutes. It is a submission only tournament and heel hooks are not allowed. This is very exciting because spectators will get to enjoy more variety in submissions and the athletes will have to show different skills.  

Another great rule is the limited time allowed in closed guard. This will force the athletes to constantly engage and fight.

Quintet Invitational is based on the kachinuki style of tournament. This is a traditional format where one person would fight until he lost. People from the opposing team would line up and try to beat him. If someone beat him, he would then step down and the winner would continue to fight.   

WIth this format spectators can expect to see a lot of good and exciting fights. Athletes will have to use strategy and skill to continue fighting and defeat multiple opponents. Team strategy and effort will be key. Winners of each team will be crowned champions.

Quintet Grappling Team Invitational will take place on April 11, in Japan at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall.

Here are the teams taking part:

Sambo Team

  1. Marius Zaromskis (DREAM Welterweight Champion)
  2. Viktor Tomasevic
  3. Teodoras Aukstuolis (Combat Sambo Lithuania Champion)
  4. Mindaugas Verzbickas (Combat Sambo European Champion)
  5. Sergei Grecicho (World Sambo Gold Medalist)

Polaris Team

  1. Dan Strauss (ADCC Qualifier)
  2. Craig Jones (Polaris Middleweight Champion)
  3. Gregor Gracie (ADCC Bronze Medalist)
  4. Charles Negromonte (IBJJF European No-gi Open Champion)
  5. Caol Uno (ADCC Silver Medalist)

Judo Team

  1. Michihiro Omigawa (Asian Championships Silver Medalist)
  2. Shutaro Debana (All Japan Judo Bronze Medalist)
  3. Satoshi Ishii (Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist)
  4. Dong Sik Yoon (World Bronze Medalist)
  5. Hyung Ju Kim (Grand Prix Hamburg Silver Medalist)

Haleo Team

  1. Hideo Tokoro (DREAM Grand Prix Champion)
  2. Marcos Souza (IBJJF Asian Champion)
  3. Kazushi Sakuraba (UFC Hall Of Fame)
  4. Josh Barnett (Metamoris Heavyweight Champion)
  5. Daisuke Nakamura (DEEP Lightweight Champion)