Sport Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Self- Defense

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The two athletes exchange some technical knowledge. Kunsa demonstrates a mixture of striking, takedown and submission. Michailesco’s technique is more of a guard pull to a sweep and finishing with a submission leg lock while utilizing the gi majority of the time. Both techniques are great, but which one would be more suitable for self-defense purposes?

Percy’s Jujutsu technique starts with both people not yet engaged which would probably be more realistic in a real-life scenario. He uses strikes to close the distance between him and his partner. In a street fight when someone comes swinging wild directly at you, a takedown is a great way to shut down their attack and that is what he does.

It is also preferable not to ever end up on the ground for safety reasons. Even during the takedown Percy’s body never touches the ground. Which is why he sort of dumps his partner. Throughout the process, he is never in a vulnerable position where the other person can strike him.  

In Michaillesco’s case, it is a bit different. Notice that the starting position is pre-arranged. The other guy already successfully grabbed his leg. Then he needs the gi of his partner for the technique. In a real fight, things happen very fast and the other person most likely will not be wearing a gi.  

He voluntarily goes to the ground with the other person ending up on top. A very vulnerable position for absorbing strikes. In every component of the technique, the BJJ Champ is susceptible to strikes.

Keep in mind that both athletes are demonstrating techniques that are used in competition settings.