The following video captures the Top BJJ and Grappling matches from the second half of 2015. You will see some of the best grapplers in the world from the best grappling organizations such as the ADCC, IBJJF, Abu Dhabi World Pro, Polaris & EBI. You will be able to enjoy the matches of the following grapplers:
  • Michelle Nicolini and Gezary Matuda at Polaris Pro 2
  • Lucas Lepri and Davi Ramos at ADCC 2015
  • Garry Tonon and Masakazu Imanari at Polaris Pro 2
  • Jose Portillo and Richie Martinez at ONIT Invitational 1
  • Ruben Alvarez and Johnathan Ortega at Eddie Bravo Invitational V
  • Joe Soto and Eddi Cummings at Eddie Bravo Invitational IV
  • Garry Tonon and Rafael Domingos at Eddie Bravo Invitational V
  • Andre Galvao and Romulo Barral at Berkut Jui Jitsu 2

and many more.