Travis Newaza learning from Josh Barnett at CSW

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Josh Barnett talks about pressure, grappling, flow, and Jiu-jitsu. Barnett has one of the most effective grappling games in the sport of MMA. He has fought all over the world and is one of the legends in the sport.

He primarily competes in MMA, but due to his grappling pedigree has competed in Jiu-jitsu events such as Metamoris where he currently is the heavyweight champion.

In this video, he talks about the importance of being a well-rounded grappler that is able to adapt to any circumstances. Being one dimensional won’t allow you to beat other opponents that have the right style to defeat you.

Strength is an integral part of Jiu-jitsu or grappling, but it should not be the focus for beginners. High-level athletes use strength because they already have high technical abilities.

Barnett makes a great point about pressure and when flowing is acceptable. The point is to constantly make your opponent uncomfortable.

You will appreciate Barnett’s honesty and the fact that he is speaking from a lot of experience. The video will raise questions about your own Jiu-jitsu game.