This is one of the best triangle setups out there. Our instructor for the day is UFC heavyweight fighter, former champion and Jiu-Jitsu specialist Fabricio Werdum.


A couple of words on the submission itself: the triangle– I’ve said this before– is the highest percentage submission in all of submission grappling. There’s a reason why the Gracie’s emblem is the triangle. You can easily base your whole grappling game on just this single submission. It’s ridiculously effective.

For people new to submission grappling, the triangle is a blood choke where you use your legs to cut off the blood supply to the ‘victim’s’ (Ha Ha) brain. Even if there’s light pressure, the person you’re applying the choke on goes out.

The video does not go into detail on how to finish it. It’s just a closed guard setup. It’s particularly effective if there are strikes involved because of the chest to chest contact. You’re not working off the wrist grip and there’s not enough distance to throw effective strikes.

Grips are as follows: a far lat (Latissimus Dorsi) or armpit grip and inside bicep control. Once you’ve got closed guard, break posture. If you’ve got longer extremities go ahead and grab the far armpit. Maintain inside bicep control with your other hand using the crook between your index finger and thumb. Move your hips so your hips end up facing your opponent or partner laterally from the side. Personally I like to work the bicep control with my forearms because it telegraphs less, but if you’ve got a bigger opponent go ahead and use your hands.

Block the hip with your other foot and transition from hand bicep control to a spider hook. You might as well lock his forearm or upper arm with a closed guard type knot. Climb higher. Adjust. Finish. Good luck.