Women’s Self-defense That Actually Works! (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)

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For all of the ladies out there that are looking to learn self-defense from another female that can throw down with the boys, Eve Gracie, watch this video. One out of six women falls a victim to sexual assault. That is a stunning statistic. There are bad people out there and learning how to establish boundaries or defend against attackers if they ever cross those boundaries is very important. A great place to start learning would be the Gracie Women Empowered Program. A program that incorporates Jiu-jitsu and psychology for self-defense. Women will learn the fifteen most common threats. In addition, they will also learn:

Intention assessment- Properly judging the intentions of a potential attacker by understanding their psychology and body language.
Violence scalability factor- Using the correct amount of force to resolve a threatening scenario or not using force at all.

Younger females on college campuses often fall victims to predators. The Gracie Program will build their confidence and give them the power to defend against larger attackers. One of the best ways to deal with an attack is prevention. Women Empowered teaches ladies how to prevent certain situations from escalating. They will also learn to apply leverage to all of the techniques so they do not have to rely on strength against a stronger person.

The benefits that women will get from the program are beyond just physical. It will build their self-confidence, show them a proper situational assessment, and deepen their understanding of psychology. All of that is done in a supportive nonintimidating environment. Eve will be one of the instructors in the program. She is a strong and inspiring woman. Having her as an instructor will serve as a motivation for other women to break through their own personal challenges. Watch the video and be inspired.