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Greco Roman Wrestling Interesting Facts


Greco Roman wrestling is one of the most practiced wrestling styles in the world – mainly within Eastern Europe and Russia. Greco Roman and Freestyle Wrestling are both official Olympic Sports.

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According to United World Wrestling, the Greco Roman style was developed in the 1800s.  The person credited for developing this style was a French soldier named Jean Exbrayat.


You score points in Greco Roman Wrestling by either landing takedowns or ride time Ride time is the amount of time you hold your opponent in a dominant position before they escape.


The main difference are the types of takedowns allowed.  Freestyle Wrestling - All takedowns are allowed(head to toes). Greco Roman Wrestling - Allows only upper body takedowns(hips and up).

Freestyle vs Greco Roman Wrestling

In Greco Roman Wrestling, you win matches by either pinning your opponent with both shoulders on the mat or scoring the most points.


Each round is separated in three segments: - 1 x 60 seconds on the feet.  - 2 x 30 second segments on the mat.


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