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What is 

Developed in the 1920s, Sambo is a Russian based grappling martial art that closely resembles Judo and Wrestling. Sambo is an acronym, which means “self-defense without a weapon.” 


History of

People credited with the development of Sambo: • V.Oshchepkov - taught Judo to the Soviet army • V.Spiridonov - helped to fuse many wrestling styles and Judo • A.Kharlampiev - helped Sambo to become nation’s official combat sport


Types of

There are several Sambo styles: • Self Defense • Sport Wrestling • Combat Sambo (MMA) • Spetsnaz Combat (SYSTEMA)


Uniforms in

• Kurtka - Uniform similar to Judo Gi • Wrestling Pants - Tight, short pants • Shoes - Similar to wrestling shoes • Headgear & Gloves - Used for Combat Sambo

Sambo vs BJJ


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