Jiu Jitsu Necktie

Is it a Choke or a Crank?

Choke vs. Crank

Any choke can turn into a neck crank, and vice versa. The debate is whether the tap was a result of a choke or a crank, the latter being considered to be a lower form of a submission.


Necktie is part blood & air choke, neck crank, and chest compression. It can work as a direct or a triangle choke and can be set up using arms, legs, collars, lapels and sleeves.



• Peruvian • Japanese • German • Texas • Chilean


 • Mexican • Australian • Armenian • Colombian • Hawaiian

Did you know?

The term Peruvian necktie refers to a form of murder often seen in Peruvian prisons, where one’s neck gets cut into a V-shape. 

Necktie How to

Jiu Jitsu Necktie is a powerful submission, worth adding to your game! Visit Jiu Jitsu Legacy blog for in depth exploration of each BJJ Necktie variation.