Steroids & PEDs

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

What are PEDs?

PEDs stands for performance enhancing drugs The term can cover a variety of hormones and chemicals (testosterone & steroids are common PEDs types) which boost athletic performance.

Health Risks

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, PEDs and steroids are detrimental to long term health, impacting physical and mental health. 

Physical & Mental Risks

• Development Of Breasts • Baldness • Shrinking Testicles • Prostate Cancer Risk • Enlargement of the Heart • Hyper Aggression - “Roid Rage” • Mood Swings • Easily Irritable

Short PEDs History

In 1990 the US Congress passed a law regarding PEDs usage. It didn’t just punish athletes who were using steroids, but it also coaches persuaded athletes to use steroids. 

PEDs in Pro BJJ

IBJJF is the only organization known to test for steroids. However, there is no testing at regional tournaments. Despite that overall trend is tightening the control around PEDs.