BJJ Podcasts

#10 Best

The Limitless Radiocast

This can be a great podcast to listen to if you are a white belt because they talk about many BJJ topics, many people, and maybe even let you know about some cool new products! 

Rear Naked Chicks

A podcast hosted by women who do Jiu Jitsu. It offers a unique perspective and a conversation that girls who train might want to listen to.

The Chew Jitsu Podcast 

This podcast often deals with questions relating to BJJ gym culture, and what it’s like transitioning from a student to a coach.

I Suck at Jiu Jitsu Show 

In the description of this show, it reads: “It is guaranteed that each episode will help you suck just a little less at Jiu Jitsu or your money back.” 

Matburn Podcast

Podcast hosted by Keenan Cornelius, the inventor of the worm guard and a world-class competitor. His co-host is Josh Hinger, also a hugely successful competitor.