Classess Types

Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is not like any other martial art. As such, it has a different class structure. There is no unified method of teaching BJJ, so let's explore some types of Jiu Jitsu classes.

Class Structure

Often divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced, these are the gold standard for every BJJ academy. 

Group Classes

The class structure usually is   • Warm-Up   • Technique Practice   • Rolls   • Q&A

Classes that are opened for all skill levels. During the Open Mat everyone can decide to drill or focus on rolling. Often times other BJJ academies visit these classes to exchange experience.

Open Mats

These classes are focused on practicing certain techniques, rather than exploring and discussing the details.

Drill Classes

1 on 1 class with the instructor. Ideal for developing your own style, getting undivided attention, exclusive rolls and more.

Private Calsses