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What is Açaí?

Açaí is a fruit native to Brazil that is grown from the Açaí palm (predominantly within the Amazonia).  It can grow to over 25 meters (82 feet) tall, within swamp lands and floodplains.

Acai Benefits

⦿ Nutrients Rich ⦿ Provides More Energy ⦿ Improves Immune System ⦿ Helps with Weight Loss ⦿ Combats Osteoporosis ⦿ Tasty

Acai Recipes

Açaí is generally consumed frozen like ice cream and is prepared in two separate ways:  ⦿ Served in a Cup  ⦿ Served in a Bowl

Açaí in a Cup

Açaí parlors serve it just like a yogurt or ice cream parlor -  a cup of straight Açaí or mixed with strawberries or bananas. Toppings: Honey, Granola, Coconut, Fruit Syrups and more.

Açaí Bowls

A common açaí bowl recipe includes is frozen açaí blended with strawberries, banana, or both. Topped with granola and honey. Some other common toppings are Peanut butter and Cacao nibs.

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