What you need to know about

Fight Sports is one of the top BJJ affiliations that has produced top level competitors. Since their beginning, their athletes have excelled at both Gi and No-Gi competitions.

The Team

Cyborg formed the team with the help of Vagner Rocha. Fight Sports began to get a lot of attention thanks to the names Rocha and Abreu had built for themselves as competitors. 

Cyborg Abreu

He is one of the notable Fight Sport's competitions(MMA, BJJ, and Combat Jiu Jitsu). Rocha has won at the highest level in all of these combat sports and is also a highly regarded coach.

Vagner Rocha

At 20 years old, Diego Reis is part of the next generation of Fight Sports competitors. Reis had one of his best performances at the ADCC 2022, where he won the -66 kg division.

Diego Reis

Mica is another young prospect of the team. At only 19, he had already competed at the highest levels in Jiu Jitsu as a teenager before getting his black belt.

Micael Galvao

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