What you need to know about

Gracie Barra is the biggest Jiu Jitsu affiliation on the planet. They have the most schools in the world, as well as the most students and some of the best BJJ athletes out there. 

The Team

The story begins with Carlos Gracie Jr. In 1982, Rolls Gracie passed away and Carlos took over his academy. Years later, he started his own academy that later became Gracie Barra.


Carlos Jr’s work helped the growth of Jiu Jitsu worldwide. During the late 2000s / early 2010s, Gracie Barra expanded astronomically. There are now over 800 schools on six continents.

The Team Today

Rômulo is 5x IBJJF, 1x No-Gi and 2013 ADCC Champion. For the last decade, he has been considered one of the best athletes that Gracie Barra has produced.

Rômulo Barral 

Felipe is considered one of the best heavyweight competitors of the modern era. He has largely retired from competition and runs his own school in Brazil.

Felipe Pena

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