Z Guard

Full Breakdown

Jiu Jitsu

What is Z Guard? 

The Z Guard (aka knee shield) is a half guard variation where the shin is placed across an opponent’s belly/chest. It works in both Gi and No-Gi and can be applied against all skill levels.

Why use Z Guard? 

Z Guard doesn't require strength, explosiveness, or flexibility, and it's a fairly safe position. The knee position blocks most passes and opens up for sweeps and submissions.

Z Guard is Great For? 

Z Guard can be used to control the opponent and prevent passes, disrupt their balance and open for sweeps/submissions or to switch to other half guard variations. 

Common Attacks

Some of the best attacks from this guard include: • John Wayne Sweep • Rainbow Sweep • Z Guard Armbar • Z Guard Triangle

Learn Z Guard

The BJJ Z Guard is a highly reliable and easy-to-understand guard. Visit Jiu Jitsu Legacy blog and learn this powerful guard in details.