Wrestling for BJJ

Concepts That Will Change Your Game


The Full Nelson hold is one of the oldest grappling and law enforcement holds. It works by gripping an opponent’s neck, while also integrating one or both their arms in the hold.

Quarter Nelson 

This position involves your arm being underneath your opponent’s armpit and using it to reinforce a grip on the back of their neck with the other arm by establishing a figure four grip.

Half Nelson

The half Nelson extends your control over the opponent’s neck & shoulder. For this variation, you sneak your far arm underneath a turtled opponent’s armpit and over the back of their neck. 

Ankle Ride

The move involves trapping a turtled up opponent’s ankle with the back of your knee (in between your calf and hamstring), while keeping your heel high over your hips.

Inside Leg Ride

This is basically a hook on the opponent’s leg, as if you were setting up the truck position. Instead of going for the truck, you’ll look to drop back down and manipulate the leg.