Don’t you sometimes get surprised when you meet rolling buddies outside the mat, in the real world? Doing their regular jobs? Well, our “regular job” is creating this awesome site for all bjj enthusiasts! Pretty cool, right?
At least we believe so!
We try to bring valuable content to all of you bjj freaks out there! While traveling competing and meeting our Jiu Jitsu heroes, we try to do interviews with all of them. Sometimes we learn the most interesting things about the lives of our idols! 🙂
The helpful videos you see, those are probably our favorite on the internet and we believe your game will benefit from them.
From time to time we visit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camps and we are so impressed with them and have the best time of our lives, that we just have to share our experience with you.

Our team is pretty diversified, from white belts, all the way to black belts. We care about jiu jitsu so much that we decided to create this page for all the people like us – that eat, breath and live the Jui Jitsu Lifestyle! We truly hope our content will make every one of your days better, on the mat and off the mat!