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Welcome to the Jiu Jitsu Legacy blog, your go-to source for all things Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Grappling and everything in between!
Our blog is dedicated to sharing information, insights, and inspiration about the “gentle art” of Jiu Jitsu. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, a beginner, or just curious about the sport, we’ve got you covered.

At Jiu Jitsu Legacy, we believe that Jiu Jitsu is much more than just a martial art. It is a way of life that can positively impact every aspect of your being. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love of Jiu Jitsu and we bring that same passion to our blog.

We aim to provide valuable information about the physical and mental benefits of Jiu Jitsu, as well as practical tips and techniques to help you improve your skills on and off the mat.

Whether you’re looking to improve your technique, learn more about the history and philosophy of Jiu Jitsu, or just stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in the sport, the Jiu Jitsu Legacy blog is the place to be.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of growth, learning, and community, both on and off the mat. Oss!

Meet the team

The Jiu Jitsu Legacy team is made up of a diverse set of members from all over the world. We are unified by our love of Jiu Jitsu and we truly live the Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle! Our main goal is to bring valuable content to Jiu Jitseros all over the world!

Some of us are nomads, traveling the world and training one gym at a time. Others of us are coaches, teaching the next generation how to roll. Our goal is to provide meaningful content to our readers, enriching their Jiu Jitsu journey with useful tips, updates on major competitions, and insight into what makes BJJ so rewarding to practice.

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Bobby Bradshaw

Bobby is a dedicated brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu originally from Houston, now living and training in Rio de Janeiro at GFT. He is passionate about the sport and is committed to improving his skills and connecting with the global Jiu Jitsu community.

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Writer and Content Planner

Ogi is a passionate black belt who is the founder and head coach at Enso BJJ in Skopje.

He welcomes visitors to the gym warmly and is a big supporter of Priit Mihkelson Defensive BJJ and a member of the BJJ Globetrotter community.

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Jack Meehan

Jack Meehan (no relation to Evan! Although Jack did take classes at Georgia State University while Evan was coaching there) is a BJJ Purple belt, and holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He enjoys traveling, reading, and the Bow and Arrow choke. He hopes to one day start teaching English overseas, and become a published author.

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Designer and Comunity Manager

Dobromir (Dobata) is Black Belt under Bruno Bastos and coach at BJJ Varna . With over a decade of experience in the sport, Dobromir is a skilled and dedicated practitioner passionate about sharing his knowledge and love of Jiu Jitsu with others.

In addition to his prowess on the mat, He is an accomplished designer and our community manager. He brings his creative vision and expertise to Jiu Jitsu Legacy,

Plamen “Paco”
Founder and Project Manager

Paco is the passionate founder of Jiu Jitsu Legacy and co-founder of BJJ Camp Finder.
His favorite things are BJJ, travel, and entrepreneurship. 

He lives in Bansko, Bulgaria, and welcomes visitors to train with him in the small nomad village in the Bulgarian mountains.


Photo of Jeremy

Jeremy is a black belt and has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, but he also enjoys creative writing. Originally from Connecticut, where he began his 11 years of Jiu Jitsu training.

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Kimberly is a Jiu Jitsu purple belt holding a black belt in Siljun Dobup Korean Sword Arts.

She enjoys immersing herself in nature or a good book when not on the mats. She trains in New Jersey with her 9-year-old son.

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Evan Meehan is a brown belt in BJJ who especially enjoys pressure, more pressure, and occasionally pressure.

He holds a yellow belt and a perfect 0/1 competition record in Judo.

Evan strongly believes in using the Oxford comma and thinks it’s perfectly fine to heel hook white belts.

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Bryn is an American Purple Belt dividing his time between Taipei, Taiwan and Hochiminh
City, Vietnam.

He holds a master’s in Asian studies and is fluent in Chinese. He enjoys
photography, writing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Advisor and Public Relations

Black Belt, Active Competitor, Traveler and Head Instructor of BJJ Academy Berlin.

He likes to roll and during his free time, he rolls even more.

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Blue Belt, Born to roll, lives to learn, loves life, and seizes every moment!

Do you want to join the team?

While we are not actively seeking out new writers for the team if you are interested in joining us let’s talk! Shoot us a message, and we’ll see if you’re a good fit.

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The best place to find your next Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp.

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Tomer Alroy, an Israeli psychology student and a BJJ black belt living in Israel and training at MMA Israel in Netanya I have been training BJJ for over 10 years
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