The following video features Jason Scully from the Grapplers Guide who will present you some of the best solo grappling drills. Jason will show you which are some of the different drill you can use to improve your movement and you Jiu Jitsu ability. It will help you improve your agility and movement for grappling. These are the solo grappling BJJ drills you will see in the 7-minute video:

sit outs- back and forth, sit outs- around, leg circles, hip ups, hip up triangles, hip drive throughs, bridges- side to side, bridge turns, compass drill, flat roll, shrimp backward to back roll, elbow drags, back roll to flat roll forward, seal crawls, leg high sit outs w/ push up, forward and backward crawls, side to side crawls, half circle monkey hops, from knees jump-ups, wrestler’s shots, up downs from base, sideways shoulder rolls, s-turns, s-turn hip-ups, alligator push-ups, scorpions, backward scoots, imaginary rope pulls, backward shrimps, forward shrimps, shrimps in place, explosive hip/chest pops, plank hops, low leg through push-ups