Ryan Hall: The Fundamentals Of Passing The Guard

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Passing the guard is typically looked at as a series of movements that get you past the legs. This way of looking at things might be counterproductive. You’d want to do it as soon as possible, as fast as possible. Check out Mr. Hall’s DVD for a comprehensive look into the transitional passing positions. The video itself is just a teaser. You can buy the whole thing on the web.

Mr. Hall recognizes 4 basic passing positions: the knee across, knee slide, double under and leg drag. Not many people look at the pass as somewhere you can chill. You can. Not only that, you’ll exhaust your opponent.

Knee Across

If you’ve gone over the over-under pass, this’ll make a lot of sense. Underhook a leg. Slide your mirror leg shin onto other leg’s thigh. You don’t even have to pin him down. Bear down on your opponent.

Knee Slice

The knee slide demands the underhook. Grab the underhook. Slide your same side shin over the cross-thigh. Not as good of a position to relax in as the knee-across, if you keep circling into him it’ll put a lot of mental pressure onto your opponent.

Double Under

The double under is another great position for taking a breath. Watch out for thigh hooks and arm drag triangles. Weigh down on opponent laterally. You don’t even have to be down on your knees.

Leg Drag

The leg drag just might be the most powerful passing position. I have a feeling it should be called something else, but since the leg drag gets you there that’s what people call it. Drag a cross-leg onto your thigh. Put your shin over opponent other leg. You’ll have a cross-leg on your thigh and a mirror leg beneath your shin. Hips are pinned. Grab a horse collar. Be ready for the backtake. You’ll drown him if he tries turning into you.

Bonus: The Leg Weave

This one is not a part of the DVD, but we’ve got this one listed with good judgment because if you run into someone who doesn’t do the stiff-arm cross-face, you’ll demolish them. Usually used as a counter to the knee shield, you weave your arm under a cross-leg and hook the other leg’s thigh.


The pass is where the matching-of-wills happens. That’s where you’ll tire your opponent out and beat him. If you’re in the advanced divisions, invest most of your time in understanding the pass.