Best Advice for Jiu Jitsu Girls Competing Against the Boys

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Sasha Reynolds delivers some fantastic advice for Jiu Jitsu girls in this short video where she describes her experience with competing against boys and girls. Her advice stands out for its poignancy despite her youth.

Advice for Jiu Jitsu Girls – Don’t Listen to Other People’s Doubts

Reynolds discusses the mental and physical aspects of competing against both genders. Her initial fears when she had to face a boy were quickly effaced as she realized that her matches against them felt no different than competing against other girls.

She realized that her doubts had come from often repeated stereotypes “boys are stronger than girls,” but she soon found out that this mindset was more of a barrier than the boys’ actual strength and overcame these fears by competing. It is more beneficial to build experiences and opinions with “skin in the game” rather than listening to others.

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