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Expand Your Jiu Jitsu With Because Jitsu Online Courses

As a Jiu Jitsu purple belt with experience training in multiple martial arts, I’m always looking for different ways of learning Jiu Jitsu and improving my weaknesses in the sport. This is my review of the online courses provided at Because Jitsu.

Because Jitsu is a website dedicated to providing simple and effective instructional Jiu Jitsu training videos to every type of practitioner. In this review, I will examine the content and quality of Because Jitsu’s site and products, and compare them to other Jiu Jitsu online instructionals out there.

Keep reading to see if Because Jitsu is right for you!

Product Overview

Because Jitsu

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Because Jitsu was created by Professor Drew Weatherhead, a BJJ blackbelt from Alberta, Canada. The site offers BJJ instructional series and mini-series. The mini-series cost $20 USD, making them great for people who are serious about improving their game but who are on a budget. The full series ranges from around $49 to $119 USD. 

The video quality is good and the site is easy to navigate. Although the course selection is small, the courses offered are fundamental techniques that are imperative to every Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

The mini-series cover ankle locks, guillotines, arm-bar grip breaks, and back takes and attacks used in both gi and no gi. Full series courses include guard passing and retention, back takes, and a series on gaining control over an aggressive opponent.

Course Overview

Both the mini-series and full series courses are an excellent way of learning Jiu Jitsu for both competitors and hobbyist practitioners.


  • The 10 IBJJF Legal Ankle Locks course offers instructionals on ankle locks that are legal in IBJJF competitions at every skill level. This series is helpful for competitors but is also useful for more casual practitioners. This course is also beneficial to white belts who compete but whose gym restricts white belts from practicing ankle locks.
  • The 10 Guillotine Chokes course teaches various guillotine chokes from a wide range of positions, including arm-in, arm-out, and variations from standing, mount, and the guard.
  • 11 Arm Bar Grip Breaks instructs the student how to break numerous different defensive grips to get the arm for the submission.
  • 10 Gi Back Attacks offers instructionals on back attacks using the gi, including the standard back take with two hooks, attacks from turtle, and attacks from the crucifix.
  • 10 No Gi Back Attacks teaches the no-gi student a variety of chokes and joint locks from the back position.
  • 10 Back Takes Gi or No-Gi provides expert methods of taking the back in both gi and no-gi. This course teaches universal fundamental techniques that are important for every BJJ student to learn.

Full Series

  • Eli Knight’s Apathy Control is an interesting and practical addition to the Because Jitsu course list. In this course, Eli Knight shows methods of taking and maintaining control over aggressive opponents and how to play offense against super defensive opponents that won’t give you an inch. This course stood out from the rest because it is filled with submissions and counters to a variety of different positions and situations.
  • Scientific Guard Passing offers fundamental instruction on passing the guard, including closed, open, and x guard, to name a few.
  • Scientific Guard Retention teaches the student  how to control your opponent and maintain an impassable guard.
  • The Scientific Guard Bundle includes both the Scientific Guard Passing and Scientific Guard Retention series for a discounted price. This is a great bundle to have, as it completes the fundamentals of learning jiu jitsu with the top and bottom game.
  • The Complete Back Series shows the student back takes from several different positions, including standing, closed guard, half guard, and turtle. The instructional also includes both gi and no-gi attacks.

Alternative Ways of Learning Jiu Jitsu Online

If Because Jitsu  isn’t a good fit for you, here are a few alternative ways of learning Jiu Jitsu online you can check out.

Jiu Jitsu X

Jiu Jitsu X is a great alternative, especially if you’re looking for an extensive library of new Jiu Jitsu instructionals. Jiu Jitsu X is also the only place you can find Keenan Online videos. So, if you’re looking for a Keenan instructional, Jiu Jitsu X is your site.



Digitsu is another fantastic alternative that offers a wide selection of instructional online Jiu Jitsu videos. They also have an on-demand feature to meet your streaming needs.

BJJ Fanatics

BJJ fanatics

If you’re looking for a gigantic video library to choose from, as well as videos for strength and conditioning or different disciplines such as Wrestling, Judo, and Striking, then BJJ Fanatics is an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts

Because Jitsu is a great site that offers quality instructional videos at a low price. If you’re looking for great fundamental instructionals, this is a great site for learning Jiu Jitsu online. Check out Because Jitsu on their website today to expand your knowledge of BJJ fundamentals at a great price!