Top Five Womens BJJ Gis

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Shopping is great! If you are looking for new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis, especially Womens BJJ Gis, then you want some tips on the most stylish and the highest quality brands on the market. Whether you are someone who has been training for years and is looking for a replacement, or you are a brand-new white belt who is looking to buy their first Gi, you have come to the right place.

The Best Gi’s for Women in BJJ

#5. Half Sumo Sakura Dogi

Half Sumo is one of the most sought-after BJJ brands. With some of the most subtle, yet instantly recognizable designs. Half Sumo blends the beauty of Japanese culture, with an American traditional feel. The Sakura Dogi also has a “star weave” that makes it comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.  

#4. KVRA New Era- Women’s BJJ Gi

KVRA is a Jiu Jitsu company in Brazil that very recently started selling in the United States. With a mission “To sell beautiful, high-quality products, but also to have a relationship with the customer.” These BJJ Gi’s are all IBJJF legal and are made to last.  If you would like to read a review of KVRA’s “Roman” Gi click here. 

#3. Roll Bliss

Roll Bliss is a company that sells Gi’s meant to make a statement. While some companies sell Gi’s that are made to “blend” Roll Bliss wants to make you stand out. If you are looking for something that has style to it Roll Bliss is the company for you. 

#2. Aeroweave Ultralight Women’s Gi

With a specific cut made just for women, this is the lightest Gi on the market you can buy. Coming in at a stunning 275 GSM (Grams per square meter) this stylish Gi is perfect for hot days in the gym, or after a long day of competition. If you would like to read about an in-depth review of this Gi check out our in-depth review here!

#1. Fenom Kimonos

What earns this company the number one spot on our list is that they specifically design Gi’s for women. While most companies might have a “Women’s Cut” of a Gi, Fenom Kimonos is a BJJ company by women for women. With a strong female empowerment message, this is the go-to company that makes the best women BJJ Gi’s.

Womens BJJ Gis 101

Womens BJJ Gis 101

If you are someone who has been training for a while, then you probably already have a good grasp on what you like. However, if you are someone who just started their BJJ journey, then you probably have some questions about what to look for when shopping. If this describes you, then you should check out our article on The First BJJ Gi You Should Buy.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while browsing.   

Materials and Design

There are many different weaves when it comes to BJJ Gis. Currently, Pearl Weave has become overwhelmingly the most popular. This kind of weave of fabric is strong and lightweight. As far as design goes, you should always check to make sure something is competition-legal before buying, should you decide to compete one day. 

Check out our IBJJF Rules Article to see if your Gi qualifies. 

Weight and Length

A common thing you’ll see when reading a description of a Gi is GSM. This means “Grams per square meter” and is used to measure how heavy a Gi is. While some competitors prefer heavier Gi’s because it is more difficult to establish grips, most people like lightweight Gis because they are more comfortable. 

The length of Gis is usually described through A1-A5. (Adult 1 being the smallest.) When shopping for women’s Gi’s look for F1-F5. Always make sure to carefully read the sizing chart before buying! 


Does the Color of My GI Matter?

Generally speaking, no it does not. However, there are some competitions that only recognize certain colors of Gi. 

Do I have to train Gi Jiu Jitsu? 

There are many BJJ practitioners who choose to train only no-gi Jiu Jitsu. However, if you want to be a well-rounded practitioner, it’s highly recommended you train both! 


Who says you can’t look good while training BJJ? As your journey progresses, you will likely amass more than two or three Gi’s. While BJJ grows there are more and more apparel companies popping up every day! You can even become your own Jiu Jitsu fashionista and design your own Gi.