Guide to Getting the Best Wrestling Shoes

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BJJ training can take a toll on your feet and ankles. That’s why many grapplers choose to wear wrestling shoes while they train.

That’s why we’ve created this guide for buying and getting the best wrestling shoes. Check out our buyer’s guide below and important facts about wrestling shoes. We also included a list of the best wrestling shoes currently available on Amazon for you to consider buying.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying wrestling shoes, you need to know many things to buy the right ones. Read our definitive buyer’s guide below before making your purchase.

  1. Fit: Look for shoes that fit snugly and provide good ankle support. Proper fit is crucial to ensure comfort and prevent injuries.
  2. Weight: Opt for lightweight shoes that allow quick movements and agility on the mat.
  3. Sole Design: Wrestling shoes should have a thin, grippy sole that provides excellent traction and grip on the mat.
  4. Ankle Support: Look for shoes with a high-top design or added ankle support to prevent sprains and provide stability.
  5. Ventilation: Good ventilation is important to keep your feet cool and dry during intense matches or practices.
  6. Durability: Consider the material quality and construction to ensure the shoes can withstand the demands of wrestling.
  7. Style and Color: While not essential, some wrestlers prefer shoes that match their team colors or have a visually appealing design.

What to Look for in Good Wrestling Shoes?

Wrestling Shoes

Good wrestling shoes have pacific qualities that are easy to spot. Here’s what to look for in a good pair of wrestling shoes.

  1. Traction: Look for a shoe with a rubber sole that offers excellent grip on the mat, preventing slips and improving movement.
  2. Flexibility: Wrestling shoes should provide flexibility in the forefoot area for optimal foot movement and agility.
  3. Breathability: Choose shoes with breathable materials and ventilation ports to keep your feet cool and prevent excessive sweating.
  4. Support: Look for shoes with ankle support to reduce the risk of injuries like sprains and strains.
  5. Comfort: Wrestling shoes should have cushioning to provide comfort during long practices or matches.
  6. Size and Fit: Ensure the shoes fit snugly without being too tight or loose, allowing for proper foot support and maneuverability.

5 Best Wrestling Shoes For You To Consider Buying

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for recommendations on the best wrestling shoes available. Here are our choices for the 5 best wrestling shoes that are currently available on Amazon.

Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes 

adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes, Royal/White, 4.5
  • Open Mesh Upper: Breathable Upper Material For Comfort And Stability
  • Respected Brand
  • Just What You Need
  • Rubber Soles
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • 13 Design Options

Our first recommendation for the best wrestling shoes on Amazon is the Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes . Adidas has been one of the most respected creators of wrestling gear for decades.

The Mat Wizard 4s are the newest models on their line of Mat Wizards shoes that are their best yet. These shoes are just what you need for wrestling training.

Made of the best mesh and rubber on the market, that provides full comfort and protection while training. You can currently get these top-of-the-line shoes in 13 different design options.


ASICS Men’s JB Elite V Wrestling Shoes, 4, White/Pure Gold
  • Jacquard mesh upper improves flexibility and support –
  • Flexible outsole design that moves more freely with the foot –

Most Trusted Brand

  • Perfect AmazonRating
  • Full Flexibility & Support
  • 100% Mobility
  • Worn By The Best

If you ask any top amateur wrestler or coach, they will tell you ASICS makes the best gear. Their ASICS JB Elite V  wrestling shoes may be the best wrestling shoes that ASICS has ever made.

These shoes have a perfect Amazon rating, and for a good reason. They’re made from the best material available, providing full mobility, flexibility, and ankle support. The best wrestlers in the world wear ASICS, and these may be the best they ever made.

ASICS Aggressor 5 Wrestling Shoes 

ASICS Men’s Aggressor 5 Wrestling Shoes, 4, Black/White
  • Ecsaine upper material: Wraps your foot with a softer feel.
  • Supportive reinforcement panels: Help increase stability.
  • Outsole: Improves traction on mat surfaces.
  • The sockliner is produced with the solution dyeing process that reduces water…
  • Most Trusted Brand
  • Ecsaine Upper Material
  • Supportive Reinforcement Panels
  • Improved Traction
  • 5 Design Options

Another great line of wrestling shoes from ASICS Aggressor 5 Wrestling Shoes . The latest shoes from ASICS’ highly rated aggressor series.

These shoes include everything you need in a wrestling shoe, including ecsaine upper material that wraps around your foot to give it a soft and comfortable feel.

ASICS also included outsole to the bottoms and supportive reinforcement materials that improve stability and traction while on the mat. You can currently get the Aggressor 5 shoes in 5 different design options.

Nike Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes 

Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes (9 M US, Black/Black/White)
  • Lightweight mesh helps keep your foot cool
  • Foam insole feels light and comfortable
  • The adjustable strap up top helps secure your foot, while rubber on the sole…
  • Split suede on the uppers for durability
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Split Suede
  • Die-cut EVA Sockliner
  • Gum Rubber Outsoles

Nike makes a quality line of wrestling shoes that is called their Speedsweep series. One of their latest and best from this series is the Nike Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes .

These shoes were made with the best breathable mesh available to keep your feet comfortable while training. Then there’s the split suede that is not only comfortable but also durable and offers freedom of movement.

You also won’t have to worry about losing traction as the gum rubber outsoles provide full traction.

Core Wrestling Shoes Mat Ace 

CORE Wrestling Shoes Mat Ace – Lightweight Martial Arts Boxing Shoes – Weightlifting Shoes for Deadlift – for Men and Women
  • 🤼LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH PERFORMANCE: These wrestling boots are lightweight that…
  • 🤼PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Core wrestling shoe for men and women features a…
  • 🤼SUPERIOR SHOE GRIP: The rubber outsole offers good anti-skid performance,…
  • 🤼HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: The boxing boot has the ideal amount of cushioning and is…
  • 🤼PERFECTLY PROTECT YOUR ANKLES: These wrestling shoes for women and men…
  • Lightweight
  • High Performance
  • Premium Construction
  • Superior Shoe Grip
  • 100% Ankle Protection

The Core Wrestling Shoes Mat Ace  is one of the best wrestling shoes that you may not have heard about. These are premium constructed shoes that are designed for high performance while not weighing you down.

You’re getting a full range of motion, while your toes and ankles are fully protected while training. Meeting the demands of even the hardest and most intense training sessions. A really underrated pair of wrestling shoes that will last you for years of training.

What Are The Benefits of Training Jiu Jitsu With Wrestling Shoes?

Guide to Getting the Best Wrestling Shoes 1 Guide to Getting the Best Wrestling Shoes Wrestling Shoes

While wrestling shoes were designed for wrestling, BJJ practitioners do use them for training. Here are some of the benefits of wearing wrestling shoes for BJJ training.

  1. Grip and Traction: Wrestling shoes often have rubber soles with excellent grip and traction, which can be beneficial during jiu jitsu training. The gripping ability can help you maintain your balance and stability while executing techniques and transitions.
  2. Flexibility and Mobility: Wrestling shoes are typically designed to offer flexibility in the forefoot area, allowing for greater mobility and foot movement. This can be advantageous in Jiu-Jitsu, where footwork and agility are important for maneuvers such as sweeps, guard passes, and transitions.
  3. Ankle Support: Many wrestling shoes have a high-top design or added ankle support, which can provide stability and protection to the ankle joint. This can be helpful in Jiu-Jitsu, where ankle twists or sprains are at risk, particularly during takedowns or scrambles.
  4. Lightweight Construction: Wrestling shoes are known for their lightweight construction, which can enhance your overall agility and speed on the mats. The reduced weight can make it easier to move quickly and fluidly during Jiu-Jitsu techniques.
  5. Durability: Wrestling shoes are designed to withstand the rigors of intense wrestling matches and practices. Their durable construction can make them suitable for the demanding nature of Jiu-Jitsu training, which often involves grappling, ground fighting, and constant contact with the mat.

It’s important to note that while wrestling shoes can provide these benefits, they are not specifically designed for jiu jitsu. Obviously, you know that wrestling shoes are not worn in jiu jitsu or are they allowed to be worn in any BJJ competition.

FAQs About Wrestling Shoes

Do I Need Specific Wrestling Shoes, or Can I Use Regular Athletic Shoes?

Wrestling shoes are specifically designed for the sport, offering features like improved traction, ankle support, and flexibility. While you can use regular athletic shoes, wrestling shoes are highly recommended for optimal performance and safety.

How Often Should I Replace My Wrestling Shoes?

It depends on factors such as frequency of use, intensity of training, and personal preference. Generally, wrestling shoes should be replaced every season or when you notice signs of significant wear and tear.

Can I Use Wrestling Shoes for Other Sports?

While wrestling shoes are primarily designed for wrestling, they can be suitable for other indoor sports like weightlifting, boxing, and martial arts due to their stability, grip, and flexibility.

Should I choose a high-top or low-top design?

This is a personal preference. High-top shoes offer additional ankle support, while low-top shoes provide more flexibility and freedom of movement. Consider your individual needs and comfort when making a choice.

How do I clean wrestling shoes?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your specific wrestling shoes. In general, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the exterior, and avoid submerging them in water. Allow them to air dry completely before use.

The Wrap Up

If you’re considering developing your takedowns for jiu jitsu, wrestling shoes would be a good investment. They’ll protect your feet and ankles from the constant pressure from shots and scrambling. 

Check out our recommendations for the best wrestling shoes available, and follow our guide before making your purchase.