Fashionably Functional: Unveiling Rev Gear’s Jitz Jacket

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If you are like me and love wearing clothes that tell everybody you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; you can finally wear the ultimate form of street martial arts apparel. Revgear’s “Jitz Jacket” is a functional Gi Jacket, made for showing off your passion on a whole new level. However, you might be wondering the most important question: Can you train with it? 

If you are wondering about the material it’s made of, or if you are wondering about the practicality of it, this is our full comprehensive guide on Revgears’s Jitz Jacket

Editorial Disclaimer:

Revgear sent us one of their jackets, in exchange for an open and honest product review. If you’re interested in picking up this jacket, please consider using one of our links! You can also save 10% using our promo code, JJL10, at checkout.

Quick Overview of the Jitz Jacket (What You are Buying) 

Jitz Jacket

The Jitz Jacket is a black Pearl Weave Gi that has been sewn for streetwear. The interior has a thin fleece overlay, to make it comfortable to be worn in almost all settings. The lapels on the front have been sewn into the sides. This allows the jacket can zip up (and make it impossible for someone to establish lapel grips.) 

However, the collar is left free, and it has a fashionable hood, made out of cotton. The pockets also have a cotton interior, and are comfortable, as well as deep. While there is no pocket on the inside of the jacket, the pockets on the outside have zippers. This makes it hard to lose anything you put in them. They also have more than enough room for keys, wallet, and phone. 

First Impressions and Unboxing   

I can’t stress how ridiculously cool the Jitz Jacket is. Almost instantly recognizable to people who train, and yet subtle and stylish. I love the blackout logo and American flag on the shoulder. Wearing it makes you feel like you are jogging early in the morning on a beach in Venice, California, Revgear’s home state! 

If you are someone who travels frequently, whether in the car or on a plane, you’ll love the utility of the zip-up pockets. I am someone notorious for dropping everything, even passports. I love stylish streetwear that is also functional. This would be a great jacket for a cold, busy airport, or a night out with the buddies after a long day of training. 

Also, if you are someone who loves customization, the Jitz Jacket has lots of space to sew patches! Should you so desire.  

Can you Roll with It? 

Short answer: YES! However, it’s probably not going to be great for your training buddies. We put it to the test and had a fun, yet slightly uncomfortable roll. 

We had to zip up the jacket, which made it impossible to for anyone to get grips on the lapel. However, I do think this Jacket has a training purpose. Maybe you want to practice fun collar chokes with the hood. This Jacket could be a great way to drill those chokes. I also found I could easily set up Ezikiels chokes with it! 

If you buy this Jacket, a really fun day at the gym could be drilling some fun chokes or a light roll! But you should definitely bring another BJJ gi though for regular training! (Maybe throw it on quickly if you are about to have a round with someone who loves worm guard.) 

Jiu Jitsu Drip for the Street  

A big part of Jiu Jitsu is the community behind it. There is almost no quicker way to make friends than by talking to people at your local gym. Wearing products that say you train Jiu Jitsu is also a great way to make friends. It’s also very comfortable and feels very high quality! 

Possible Downsides  

If you are someone who doesn’t like zippers, this Jacket has some big ones! And while it might lead to some fun experimental rolls, it certainly can’t be used as an everyday gi for training. However, if you are looking for a new training gi! You should absolutely check out the Rev Gear Venice Gi

Verdict: Take Some Pride in Training, and Wear Something Stylish! 

The old saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good.” So why not invest in something that’s both fun and functional? Whether you’re practicing hood chokes or heading out with your Jiu Jitsu training partners, proudly display your Jiu Jitsu pride. Gear up and embrace the Jitz Jacket wherever your journey takes you!