Jiu Jitsu Gear from the Homeland – A Comprehensive Review of KVRA

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Pronounced “Kay-Var-Ah” this Brazilian Gi company has finally brought their products to America. They were kind enough to give us one of their BJJ Gis for a comprehensive review. But what’s just as compelling as their high-end gear, is the interesting story behind their company, and their amazing founder, Marcelo. 

Editorial Disclaimer

KVRA sent us one of their Gi’s, in exchange for an open and honest product review. If you’re interested in picking up this Gi, please visit the American KVRA website! If you live in Brazil, you can visit the Brazilian website here. 

What You Should Look for in a BJJ Gi

The kind of Gi you like is largely based on your preferences. Some BJJ practitioners like a heavier Gi with a high GSM (Grams per square meter.) This is because heavier Gi’s with thicker collars can make it difficult for someone to grip. Other BJJ practitioners like lightweight Gis. These make it easier at weigh-ins for competition and are widely regarded as more comfortable. 

KVRA sent us one of their “Roman” Gi’s for us to review, and I have to say it’s one of the toughest, and yet most comfortable fabrics I have ever had the pleasure to roll in. 

KVRA Roman Gi Stats

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
  • 10oz cotton drill pants
  • Durable and long-lasting embroidery with high stitch count.
  • Preshrunk for an ideal fit
  • IBJJF Approved 

The Gi also has flat drawstrings. The reason these make this gi stand out is that they help prevent having to rethread after pulling it out of the washing machine. If you have ever had to rethread gi pants, you’ll know why these are important.  

First Impressions of KVRA’s “Roman’s Gi” 

Calling this Gi an eye-grabber would be an understatement. A new trend in Gi design is the inlay, and KVRA doesn’t waste any space. Keeping with the theme of skeletons, the unique blend of street, and Brazilian Christian imagery gives every product a badass feel. 

If you are wondering, yes! The skeleton hands absolutely represent how you feel after a long day of grip fighting. 

The Gi also has a very cool back design with the words “God is Greater than the Highs and Lows” 

Rolling with KVRA

Rolling is always fun. But one of the most fun things about this Gi is how you might find little hidden designs all over it. Like the skull on the back of the pants leg. It’s also exceedingly comfortable and feels like a strong and durable fabric.  

KVRA as a Company


KVRA was started in Brazil by Black Belt Marcelo Baek in 2013. Marcelo and his family actually emigrated from Korea to Brazil. Marcelo started training BJJ to deal with bullies, and he was inspired when he saw Royce Gracie on TV. Both of Marcelo’s parents worked with fabric, so he feels he had a head start when creating his brand. 

Marcelo also rigorously tests all the products himself. KVRA’s mission is:

To sell beautiful, high-quality products, but also to have a relationship with the customer.  

Many of KVRA’s designs have Christian imagery, and KVRA is an openly Christian company. The company holds Christian values and refused to let go of a single team member during the covid pandemic. If you are someone who is not afraid to show your faith, this is definitely a brand for you. 

Verdict: The Best Jiu Jitsu Gear Comes from Passionate Members of the Community 

The skull in KVRA’s brand represents rebirth. The skull and skeletons that decorate every single one of their Gi’s make this an iconic brand that is on the rise. This is a stylish company that has great values. Why don’t you get yourself a Gi from the homeland where Jiu Jitsu started?