If you’re an experienced BJJ practitioner, then you’ve probably heard many people criticizing lightweight BJJ gi. They praise quickness but mostly claim that the lightweight BJJ gi cannot withstand harsh training demands. 

Their critics make sense if you pick the wrong model. Yet, a good lightweight BJJ gi can change your grappling life forever!

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi

Unfortunately, people are not properly informed. Each better manufacturer has at least one or two lightweight BJJ gi series. 

I mean, common, have you ever watched Stefan Struve in the UFC? A guy is 213 cm tall, weighs around 120 kg, and goes for submission switches over and over? How do you explain that? 

Stefan choked out Pat Barry because he went for his arm then transitioned to triangle armbar. Barry slammed him hard off the canvas, but “The Skyscraper” didn’t let go, and “HD” was forced to surrender. There is only one explanation for such a great performance–lightweight BJJ gi training sessions!


Many lightweight BJJ gis is very comfortable by default. You won’t have a hard time making transitions. 

A lightweight model, by default, allows you to roll and set a transition with ease. Sometimes you’ll even wonder whether you wear a rash guard or gi. There will be no hard feeling on the edge of your legs and arms and you’ll set the submissions faster. 

There is a wrong belief that stiff and uncomfortable gis are more durable than uncomfortable and stiff ones. But this doesn’t have to be true. After all, lightweight BJJ gi can be made from a tough, sturdy material. 

In general, people like to buy stuff that lasts, but the purchase of a light and durable piece of equipment is a real bingo!

Weave and GSM Rating 

“GSM” might be the secret way to discover the weight of the fabric. It purely depends on the weave used to construct the lightweight BJJ gi (if someone wants to cheat you with a different model, here’s your way to teach that seller a lesson). 

Each type of weave uses a different material, and it reflects on the weight of the gi. 

For example, the most popular style in lightweight BJJ gis, pearl weave, is mostly used among female competitors. Here is an interesting fact–it’s “GSM” is 350 or slightly below. It is the lightest weave allowed by IBJFF in the international BJJ competition. 

If you see the signature “pearl weave”, it means light and durable model! Sometimes “GSM” can be even 500 or above, but it is not a lightweight BJJ gi. You’ll recognize a lightweight model with ease from now on! 

IBJJ Certification

IBJJ is the certification body that certificates gis, which means if your product is certified, you can wear it in the BJJ competition.

Of course, you can purchase a gi for training sessions only, but a certified model will spare a lot of money. But don’t forget! Wearing a certified lightweight BJJ gi in the training session will lead to a positive transfer and more efficiency in the competition. 


More money usually means better quality. But don’t just grab the most expensive lightweight BJJ gi because it doesn’t have to mean it will fulfill the qualities you’re seeking for. 

 First, some manufacturers pay more attention to elite design neglecting the basic needs along the way. For example, even the most expensive piece of equipment doesn’t have to justify the price. 

What if you hate the specific lapel shape? Look at the lightweight BJJ gi from all the angles, the world-class weave doesn’t have to mean superb comfort and so on. 

Let me ask you a question, which three values of the gi are the most important to you? First, answer it, then compare it to the product prices. You’ll discover your best match!  


Just don’t forget, the gi shrinks after the first washing. You must watch the size chart carefully because each company has its standards. 

Always buy one number up. Especially when you’re between sizes. Even if the manufacturer says it is pre-shrunk, it’s better not to risk. Size charts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so pay attention!

Individual needs

Different colors and designs are two very relative categories. While some people prefer black, white, or gray, there are so many fighters who root for a chance to test their skills in green, red, or even a purple model!

Furthermore, there are many modern and classic designs too. People are different, and everybody has a different way to view the world. More designs mean the wider population is covered! 

» Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Jiu Jitsu Gi

Hayabusa Pearl Weave is a light model for complicated buyers. It offers seven colors and five sizes, so everybody will be able to discover his most suitable lightweight BJJ gi match.


  • Your body breathes during a training session.
  • Reinforced lapel and other reinforcements for increased durability. 
  • IBJJ certified model.
  • Comfortable. 
  • High quality.


  • Expensive.
  • Sizing is a bit weird. 

Takeaway: If you’re willing to pay more money for a reinforced model, ready to last for a few years, go for it. I also believe it is awesome for fighters who work from both and top and bottom positions equally.

» Gameness Air Gi – BJJ Gi-Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

Gameness Air Gi is a great model, suitable for both pieces of training and competitions. IBJFF approves it, so you are allowed to wear it everywhere with style. 


  • Three sizes. 
  • Durable reinforced pearl weave model. 
  • Very popular brand.
  • Amazing for the hot climax, if you train in Brazil or any other equatorial country, it’s your new best friend. 
  • It hardly tears apart. 


  • Mid-to-high price range. 
  • Only one color.

Takeaway: Good recommendation for serious fighters who plan to compete in big tournaments, but if you like a variety of colors and designs, it’s not for you.

» Tatami Zero G V3 Jiu Jitsu Gi–White

Tatami Zero G V3 is reinforced with 10oz heavy cotton stitching on sensitive areas of its pants and jackets, which makes it the most durable pearl weave product here. 


  • You can roll on any surface. 
  • IBJJF approved. 
  • The rubberized collar protects from moisture. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Modern design, three colors. 
  • It fits well. 


  • Mid-to-high price range. 
  • The top is a bit too short. 

Takeaway: I believe this could be the best lightweight BJJ gi for submission switch experts. If you constantly change your techniques during the game, and you don’t have a trademark, this could be an awesome match. 

» Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi W/Preshrunk Fabric & Free Belt

Elite Sports IBJJF is the price/quality ratio king, available in seven different colors and ten colors. The choice of the most complicated buyers in the world!


  • Cheap.
  • No shrinking. 
  • IBJFF approves this model. 
  • You’ll get a white belt and a stripe bar too, world-class offer. 
  • Anti-odor features reduce the risk of a bad smell. 
  • Comfortable.
  • Good for both genders. 
  • Great stitching. 


  • Sizing chart is weird, pay extra attention.
  • The model is not reinforced, so it might lack in durability. 

Takeaway: The fans of various designs and colors will love it. It offers both female and male models, and it’s the offer of your dreams for competitors trying to save money! 

» Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Essentials sounds like a great match for fighters with very little time, it dries quickly and it fits even during the most technical submissions. 


  • Superb fit. 
  • No shrinking. 
  • Affordable. 
  • It keeps you light and agile in the competition, even during the warmest summer months. 
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor features. 
  • Six colors, five sizes. 


  • You must be warned with the Sanabul sizing chart. 

Takeaway: It is also an extremely soft, but durable model at the same time. You’ll become a grappling phenom easily with this model. 

Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi will satisfy even the most complicated buyers, and it saves money as well. Good quality for very little cash.

Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi doesn’t shrink, maintains normal smell for a long time, and saves your budget. 

Tatami Zero G V3 Jiu Jitsu Gi is our durability emperor, definitively the toughest lightweight BJJ gi. You can train in any surround without worries because it is reinforced in many critical areas. Considering its durability, the price is fair. 

Gameness Air Gi is IBJFF approved model, a good choice if you want to train and compete in the same lightweight BJJ gi. Yet, it doesn’t offer variety.

Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Jiu Jitsu Gi is a comfortable and durable model for great performance in competitions and training sessions. It also offers many wonderful colors and designs. Are you a demanding buyer with a lot of money? Try this model out, you’ll like it for sure!