Rose El Sharouni: A Rising Star’s Journey to Success at Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu

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In the Jiu-Jitsu world, some athletes leave a lasting impression with their skills and determination. Such an athlete is Rose El Sharouni, that made waves at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship 2022. 

I had the privilege of meeting Rose at the event, where she showcased her exceptional talent and emerged as the Best European Player in the Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Award 2022. Her performance at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship 2022  was exceptional, but I was more impressed by her positive attitude and her personality. She secured the silver medal in her weight division and earned the title of Best European Player in the prestigious Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Award 2022. 

Abu Dhabi Worlds Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship 2022

Rose represents Team Checkmat and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Amsterdam. She joined a medical school when she was a blue belt, and she dedicated her time to both training and studying. Over the next few years, she juggled her internship and residency at a hospital while consistently training and competing in jiu-jitsu.

Rose’s determination and hard work culminated in her black belt promotion on July 14, 2019, under the guidance of Leonardo Vieira. Rose’s sports progression was greatly influenced by her research and training with her teammates, Kiren Newadj and Remo Corstjens (founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam)

In 2022, Rose El Sharouni made a life-changing decision to put her medical career on hold and fully commit herself to jiu jitsu. Embracing a full-time schedule, she engaged in coaching, training, and competing, further fueling her passion for the sport and pursuing her aspirations.

Rose El Sharouni’s journey is a testament to her dedication, perseverance, and willingness to explore new opportunities. With her medical career momentarily paused, she now focuses on making her mark in the world of jiu jitsu, leaving a lasting impact both on and off the mats. She is also the founder of Jiu Jitsu Queenz events focused on women in Jiu Jitsu. Her motto says it all “empowering you to succeed on the mat”

Shout out to UAEJJF and ADWPJJC 

It is essential to acknowledge the role played by the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship for the perfectly organized event and for providing a platform for athletes like Rose El Sharouni to showcase their skills in. The next ADWPJJC15 starts on November 1st, 2023 and again will bring together top-tier talent worldwide, fostering a competitive and supportive environment. It serves as a stepping stone for athletes to reach new heights and make their mark in Jiu Jitsu. Don’t miss it!

Rose El Sharouni Silver Medalist at ADWPJJC14

Full interview

During our conversation, Rose shared valuable insights into her journey in Jiu-Jitsu, and how the sport helped her in personal challenges. 

Rose El Sharouni’s journey in Jiu-Jitsu is an inspiring tale of perseverance, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence.