Low Injury Risk In Adults’ & Kids’ BJJ (Jiu Jitsu) Vs Other Martial Arts & Sports

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This video explains a study which was done in Hawaii between 2005-2011. It compares injury rates in competitive jiu-jitsu. Then these injury rates are compared to other combat sports such as taekwondo, judo, wrestling, rugby, and MMA.

The people responsible for the study were all orthopedic surgeons. They were present at the competitions.We already know that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a safe art. This study only confirms it. People can safely practice jiu-jitsu and still be competitive.

The gentle art allows people who practice it to do it at a higher intensity, but not get hurt. This is due to the ground fighting aspect and prohibited striking. Also, In jiu-jitsu, a person always has the option to tap out when they feel danger. Due to the nature of striking sports, this is a bit harder to do.    

Compared to other combat sports which allow striking jiu-jitsu is a better choice for kids.  Studies now show that accumulated damage from strikes to the head has negative effects on the brain. No parent wants to see their kid get hurt. From all of the sports compared the ones with the highest percentage of injuries involve high or low impact upon contact. Whether that impact comes from strikes or collisions.

Every contact sport comes with injuries and every sport, in general, will increase the chances for injuries. The risk becomes even higher when people do it competitively.The point, however, is to minimize that risk and be able to keep practicing an art or a sport for the rest of your life.

BJJ has you covered in the longevity, and safety departments. Try it for yourself. The returns of practicing jiu-jitsu are worth the squeeze.

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