3 Side Control Escapes by Marcelo Garcia

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Nobody wants to be stuck in bottom side control, not only you will lose 3 points but the position is giving a lot of advantage to your opponent. Side control is a very dynamic position and a good side control escape technique can help you to recover and keep you out of danger. Further more, the opponent will be able to apply heavy pressure and take a moment to relax, while planning their next attack.

Learn the side control escape by Marcelo Garcia

In the next 3 videos, the one and the only, Marcelo Garcia will demonstrate 3 ways of recovering the bad position you got in a first place.

Side Control Escape #1 – Sit-up

The main concept of this is to prevent the side control before it happens! Use all of your reserved energy and don’t give the points to your opponent in the first place. Push with your hands and sit up, then you recover. Check out all details in the video below.

Side Control Escape #2 – Elbow Push

You couldn’t apply Escape #1? Maybe the opponent was too fast or you couldn’t find the needed energy. Don’t get desperate there is always plan B in jiu jitsu.

First thing that you need to do is establish the frame with one of your arms up against his neck and the other securing that grip. If you can’t get that grip together right away, you can bump him forward and make the space for the outside hand to come in and get that frame. When you get that frame, push on his neck and free your head so you will be able to move out. When you get your head free, sit up, push on the nearside elbow and hip escape to an open guard position.

In case he hides his nearside elbow when you start to push up, then you just push him backwards, rise your legs up and sit up with an explosive motion. When you complete that, all you need to do is scoot your hips out and retain open guard.

Side Control Escape #3 – Hip Roll

This is a bit more advanced technique but very useful for recovering the guard. The first rule of this escape is DON’T stay flat, you must turn your back but the very important detail here is that you have to keep your shoulder on the mat, otherwise you will have to think how to survive and defend the back.
Don’t give any room and keep your ear close to the shoulder. One knee on the mat and two feet on the mat then push the opponent and roll to recover. Check the video below for more details.

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