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Jiu Jitseros are famous for their impressive BJJ wardrobes – it isn’t uncommon for a blue belt to have 3 or 4 gis and a half a dozen rash guards! This has resulted in an explosion in the number of BJJ brands as companies are rushing to fill this demand. As a result it has become a challenge to decide among the myriad options available. 

However, one statement remains true: no one knows gear as well as those who most need them; for BJJ this means fighters. That’s why XMartial is trending everywhere. Established in 2016 as a passion project, XMartial has developed quality gear with unique designs and, most importantly, it has listened to the martial arts community to constantly improve its products.

Product Range

XMartial gear distinguishes itself with its designs. There are dozens of unique products to match everyone’s unique style. For cine-philes, they offer everything from the classic super-heroes to Game of Thrones inspired garb, games, animes, and tons of others.

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With this GOT-inspired rash guard you’ll never forget what we say to death in BJJ!

For those who want a chance to wear something truly unique, their custom gear, from gloves to rash guards and even BJJ gi, provides total creative freedom for individuals or teams.

Rash Guards

XMartial rash guards are built with gel panels for extra grip, preventing them from riding up and flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability, essential features for grappling training. 

When you’re looking for a rash guard, fit and compression are essential traits you should be looking for. Compression has been proven to reduce the chance of muscular injury during high intensity exercise and a good fit protects your skin from chafing and mat burn, preventing infections.

These rash guards are made of a high-quality blend of polyester and spandex, designed to withstand the pulling, tugging, and friction inherent to combat sports, while keeping you cool in the process.

XMartial recognizes that men and women have differently shaped torsos and offers a line of women’s rash guards. Thankfully, they offer most of their product lineup for both men and women – if you’re a lady grappler and you want to channel your inner Goku they’ve got a rash guard for you too!

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This women’s Goku rash guard is also available in orange and in long sleeve variants!

No-gi Shorts

XMartial’s no-gi shorts stand on the brand’s three pillars: durability, comfort and style. Their gear is made to withstand the toughest training and comes with an industry leading one year warranty.

These grappling shorts are crafted with sweat-wicking materials, and the graphics are fully sublimated so you don’t need to worry about them cracking, peeling, or fading over time. Like their rash guards, XMartial BJJ and MMA shorts have an anti-slip gel panel, which, combined with an internal draw-string helps to keep the shorts in place and prevents embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions! 

For improved mobility, these shorts have a split seam on the outer thigh and a multi-flex panel in the groin area.

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With these ranked no-gi shorts you can wear whatever rash guard you want and still show everyone your BJJ rank!

These shorts are available in a variety of designs including ranked shorts with a clever belt graphic or even denim-look shorts for a grappler with a more lighthearted sense of style.

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These shorts may look like denim but they wear like high-performance compression gear!

MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves

XMartial MMA and Boxing/Muay Thai gloves deliver performance and style at a reasonable price. When it comes to gloves, the most important feature is definitely ergonomics. The primary role of gloves is to protect athletes from injuries, while being comfortable enough for long training sessions.

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If you want to add striking to your ground game, MMA gloves are essential!

Durability is also essential, and this is why these gloves are made of premium and durable synthetic leather that is sweat-resistant and scratch-resistant, resulting in an affordable and long lasting animal-friendly equipment. And added benefit of their construction is that these gloves are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

For tough training sessions or heavy sweaters, the multiple ventilation holes and breathable mesh material prevent overheating and allow these gloves to dry quickly after use.

Brand Ambassadors

XMartial has managed to secure some serious brand ambassadors. UFC fighter Roxanne Modaferri, a black belt in BJJ under Mike Pyle and Evan Dunham, is one of their current reps. Ranked #12 in the flyweight division, Roxanne has almost 20 years of MMA experience, four of them signed to the UFC, showing a solid career.

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Modafferi is known as the ‘Happy Warrior’ for a reason – she’s always smiling!

Another of their ambassadors is Ricardo Evangelista, a BJJ black belt under Master Julio Cesar, one of the top ranked ultra-heavyweight competitors of his generation, and also a training partner to UFC heavyweight legend Derrick Lewis. Ricardo debuted in MMA in April with a 15-seconds knockout at Fury Fighting 45.

Ramsey Dewey is an authority when it comes to martial arts: a professional MMA fighter with over 20 years of martial arts competition experience in multiple combat sports including MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Sanda, K-1 Kickboxing, American Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Full Contact Karate, Catch-Wrestling, and Boxing.

XMartial’s cohort of ambassadors doesn’t stop here, and further includes Shawn Mozen, an authority on Kettlebell training in Canada, and Breck Still, Leviathan Academy’s head coach.

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Breck Still runs the fabulous Youtube channel Still Rolling

Shipping, Returns, and Refund Policies

XMartial ships worldwide with easy to understand flat rates and all orders include shipping. If an order is delayed due to product backorders or other issues, customers can cancel their order via email and receive a full refund.

To return a defective or damaged product and process a refund, customers have 30 days from the time they receive their merchandise.

Besides that, the return and refund process works pretty much as it does with any other big company. However, a short glimpse at the customer reviews shows that it is highly unlikely you will need to go through the process to return any gear.

Bobby said about their MMA gloves “These are really nice, high-quality materials. Good look, good feel. Definitely worth the extra few bucks over the cheaper competitors. Favorite gloves ever”. 

Arson is also a happy customer who picked up one of their rash guard and wrote: “Used for Jiu Jitsu and works great. Comfortable, and fits well. I normally wear a medium, ordered a medium, and it’s nice and snug. Would definitely recommend/order again.”

Percy bought a pair of shorts and was happy as well with his choice “Just received my shorts and they fit just as advertised, they feel great, lightweight. These will be great for my BJJ training.”


Undoubtedly, XMartial’s passion for quality martial arts gear is easy to see in its products. They offer great gear for everyone from martial arts enthusiasts to the elite athletes, and provide high quality and exciting designs. Although it’s a relatively young company, its ambassadors and clients worldwide corroborate that XMartial is trustworthy and it’s here to stay.

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Note: XMartial is an affiliated sponsor. We were sent a pair of no-gi shorts and a rash guard for review and have found them to be very high quality.

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