That’s a pretty boastful title we’ve got. But really, have no doubt, anyone can be swept with the right BJJ sweep. We’ve only got a pair of feet and a pair of arms to stop sweeps, and if you’re really determined you can always tie their hands and feet with your belt. Or, better yet, understand why all sweeps in BJJ work so you can sweep with any BJJ sweep that comes your way. 

The End Goal Of A BJJ Sweep

What is a BJJ sweep? Every technique that gets you on top of someone, when you’ve started off with your back on the ground, is a sweep in Jiu Jitsu. Or is it? As you’ll see later on, not every situation when you end up on top will be considered a seep, hence, you won’t be getting sweep points every time you reverse positions with someone. 

To understand what a BJJ sweep is, you need to first know what is not a sweep, at least under the rules of competition. Anytime you end up on top from a position that is not defined as a guard in Jiu Jitsu, you have not earned a sweep, but rather a reversal. In other words, you’ve scaped, but haven’t completed an attack, wich a BJJ sweep is in essence. 

For a move to be considered a BJJ sweep you need two things. First, you need to make sure you are in a guard, which means your legs are positioned in between you and your opponent before you attempt a sweep. Secondly, once they fall down, you HAVE to get up and STAY in a top position for at least 3 seconds for the sweep to count and for 2 points to be awarded. 

This goes in line with the end goal of every sweep in Jiu Jitsu – obtain top position starting from an attacking position yourself, in the form of a BJJ guard. 

Stages Of A BJJ Sweep

Knowing what a sweep is, what it is not, and when you can claim one will help you greatly with completing all your sweeps in BJJ. What I mean by that is that you’ll know the three points at which people will try to stop you. If you have a response ready at each of those you’ll be able to reach your end goal – getting top position.

First up, you’ll have to consider balance. The equation here is simple – make their butt go behind or in front of their knees. Achieve that, and you’ll have enough balance taken away to get anyone to the ground. 

Once an opponent is down, it is time for stage two – keeping them down. People will try to get up so you will need to make sure you keep whoever you’ve swept down on their butt until you can get up on top. The easiest way to ensure it is to lift one of their feet off the ground and keep it off the ground while you get up. It is literally that simple. 

The final stage of completing a sweep is getting on top yourself. There’s an easy principle from wrestling that applies here – the higher man wins. As opponents try to scramble back up after falling, if you have their leg lifted (stage two) and you keep your head above theirs at all times (stage three), you’ve just completed a BJ Jsweep. Congratulations! 

BJJ sweep anatomy: how to sweep anyone

Basic Principles Of BJJ Sweeps: How To Sweep Anyone

Let’s get a bit more technical now and explore the formula that will help you sweep anyone. First of all, you’ll need to make sure you have a guard in place. If you’re unsure, just wiggle a leg in between you two, and try to place it on the hip. As an example, escaping side control to a guard before escaping will earn you two points as opposed to just getting on top directly. 

After you’re certain you’re in guard it is time to think about getting a BJJ sweep. The stages of a sweep are the principles why every sweep works. making them work will require techniques. It all starts with your grips. Regardless of the guard you’re in, you will want to accomplish two things with your grips – make them bend forward or backward (disrupt posture) and try to pry their elbows away for their body. 

This will give you the option to off-balance an opponent by trying to push their but over their knees in any given direction. It won’ matter if they’re standing or kneeling – the goal is the same. To get ta BJJ sweep you’ll have to get your opponent to fall, and that requires taking way balance. 

Pushing the hips might be done in several different ways. you can pull the shoulders using your grips and hooks to achieve it, you can push or pull the hips directly, or you could push or pull the shins of the legs. As long as you can get one of these three zones (shoulder line, hip line and knee line) out of alignment, you’ll see your opponent falling. 

Which brings us to the directions of sweeping to be able to get to stage two. Once you have the balance broken, and you’ve identified a zone to manipulate you’ll need to choose whether you’ll stick your body to that zone to make it move, or you’ll break away from the opponent, get up yourself, and manipulate the zone from there. The first option is betters suited when you’re the bigger grappler, and the second when you’re the diminutive one. 

BJJ Sweep

In Conclusion

Getting a BJJ sweep is not hard, you just have to know why they work. If you are in guard, you have the posture broken and elbows away from the ribs, can move a zone to make the butt go over the knees, you’ve identified a direction (stage one)) and you know what to expect from an opponent after you seep them (beating scrambles in stage two and three) you can rest assured you’ll be able to sweep anyone!