“I’ll Fight You Both” Gordon Tells Ruotolo Brothers, Tye Responds

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The “King” Gordon Ryan ran out of patience with the Ruotolo brothers’ comments, and responded to their call-outs by giving them 2-1 odds to “fight them both back-to-back” in a no-time limit, submission-only match. 

Ruotolo Brothers Flying High On Success

Ruotolo Brothers

Kade Ruotolo is understandably flying high after becoming the youngest-ever ADCC champion (19) at the end of September, submitting all his opponents. A few days ago, he finished a 4x Sambo World Champion to win the ONE grappling lightweight title. 

His brother Tye also had a successful run at the ADCC, beating Pedro Marinho and former absolute champion Felipe Pena in the process. 

The Ruotolo brothers are definitely at the top of the grappling world, but they do not hold the throne (yet). 

Ruotolos Poke The Sleeping Bear

Gordon Ryan, of course, made history himself when he beat everyone in the heavyweight division for his fourth consecutive ADCC gold before completely dominating Andre Galvao in the super fight. 

It seems that the Ruotolo brothers’ success is affecting their judgment, as the brothers have been throwing jabs at Ryan by asking for 10-1 odds (Tye) and claiming they could fight off Ryan’s heel hook attacks (Kade). 

It is never a good idea to poke a sleeping bear, particularly when that bear is the scariest grappler alive. 

Gordon Ryan: “I’ll Fight You Both Back To Back”

Gordon Ryan

Ryan responded to the Ruotolo brothers via his Instagram account, claiming his patience for them has run out, and he is willing to give them what they asked for. 

The truth is – I like the kids. They were the only ones from ATOS who kept their words when we had the issue with the Modolfo camp filming. They even went against their professor and kept their word to Mo, I respect that.

That’s why I never attacked them, and even kept my mouth shut when Kade said I couldn’t heel hook him. But now since I’ve been formally called out, I’ll address it, as always.

Gordon Ryan via Instagram

He went on to offer the Ruotolo brothers specific odds by writing:

How about both of the kids put up both of their 50k bonuses from ONE, 100K dollars, and I will put up 200k dollars for 2-1 in a no time limit sub only match.

I will fight you both back to back, you pick the order. After match 1 we will mop the mats, I’ll change gear, so the mats don’t instantly get wet again, then we walk out for match 2, no break. 2 vs 1 100k vs 200k.

Put your money where your mouth is, or shut your f*cking mouth.

Gordon Ryan via Instagram

The “King” did not hesitate to launch a few well-placed jabs himself, saying:

First of all, at this point, any grappler is LUCKY to even have me mention them, never mind step on a mat with them. They get more press and more money facing me than they could doing ANYTHING else in their broke athlete lives.”

Gordon Ryan via Instagram

He finished his post in classic Gordon Ryan-style, stating: 

P.S.: If you’re looking to accuse someone of juice, how bout starting with your friends that fail drug tests.”

Gordon Ryan via Instagram

Tye Ruotolo Hits Back Strong

Tye Ruotolo

You said you would love a match with us and mentioned that if you were natural and I was roided that I would have no chance, which I took as (a call out). That post had nothing to do with you but you came to talk shit so I replied. I find it funny because you had never won anything before gaining 50+ lbs of synthetic muscle” 

Teased Tye on the Ruotolo brothers’ Instagram.

“I didn’t reply to your comment to get into a keyboard war. I was replying to have a match with you. I said that our match would be 100% competitive and you disagreed. Your claim sounds stupid to me considering I beat Pedro in half the time you did, not to mention I’m 1-0 against Pena to your 1-2. I’ll give you the toughest fight you’ve had since your supernatural transformation.“

Tye added.

“I thankfully get a great paycheck every time I step on the mats, and it’s never been because of you. My brother and I take pride in being natural athletes and we will be vocal about it anytime we feel like it. We can’t help if that’s a trigger for others.”Tye called out Ryan on his paychecks comments and went on further into the steroid subject

Tye called out Ryan on his paychecks comments and went on further into the steroid subject.

Tye finished strongly by asking Ryan to put his money where his mouth is:

You always say you can’t find people to take a match with you and I offered you one. If you want to accept I’ll have my manager message yours. No matter what I’m going to make it exciting. I’m also not gonna sit here and go back-and-forth with a toxic 30 yr old on social media. I have better things to do but if you want to keep up with the disrespect I hope you keep that same energy when I see you in person.”

Tye Ruotolo via Instagram.

This may turn into a full-blown social media beef before it ends up on the mats, and we’re keeping careful track of the developments!